Customer Service

Our Team: PGA Professionals

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

Spirit Golf believes in hands-on management at the highest level. Our trademarked Service program can provide your staff with the resources for improving all aspects of customer service. We follow up great customer service with a specialized designed loyalty program, providing the right mechanism to have your customers choose your facility over the competition.  Each facility receives training from our corporate officers who instill the values and importance of providing service.

Our facilities regularly are recognized for the outstanding, professional, friendly and inviting service that Spirit Golf has become known for. service is not just a program.  It becomes part of the culture that allows your staff to feel empowered and connected to the very values that our club owners, members and guest are looking for.


The basis for any sustainable business is loyalty and without loyal customers you will soon find your business in a downward spiral. Part of our success has been through our ability to create the right program that will have your customers returning again and again. Great customer service followed up with the right mechanism to have your customers choose your club over the competition will have your club soaring!