Spirit Golf Solutions


A Leading Golf Management Company providing
Growth of the Game Strategies focused on improving our clients business
by increasing their position in the market.

Growing the Game of Golf One Course at a Time

Leaders in the area of growth of the game, our executives and PGA Professionals provide golf management, consulting leasing and profit sharing options that best meet our client’s needs and wishes. Experts in providing strategic direction and implementing operational and financial strategies that are designed to drive new revenue opportunities to help our clients and partners achieve both their financial and personal goals for their golf business.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
– is to help our clients grow their business by creating the right blend of services, programs and activities through community awareness with an approach that focuses on their facilities unique position in the market.

Our Mission – Spirit Golf’s mission is to establish a relationship with our clients, customers and employees that allow each to enjoy the benefits of our services by providing the highest level of dedication and follow through needed to ensure the profitability and overall success of the golf facility.

Expertise and Services

Our Team is driven to provide your facility, members and customers with the best golf, social, learning and dining experiences. Lead by PGA Professionals and industry executives who are driven to provide the right atmosphere and course experience that encourages participation and growth of the overall facility. Our overall business strategy is based on ensuring the long-term profitability of our client’s facility.

Spirit Golf provides several different solutions to meet our customer’s needs.
Spirit Golf is lead by PGA Professionals and industry experts who understand and appreciate the games values and history, but who are also experts in growing the game and understanding today’s business demands. All our programs are designed around a single objective of offering our clients a value oriented management plan with a focus on growing the game around a sound business plan.


The consulting program can be established as a short term or long term solution providing our clients with a safety net approach to help solve any immediate problems or to offer our clients a long term agreement providing strategic direction and long term planning. Services include helping measuring the success and deficiencies of the overall business plan and providing direction of operational, financial and feasibility of any of the areas in the business that needs specific attention or expertise.

Management programs

The management program offers a full service management solution for our clients. Our team is prepared to manage all club activities including; Golf, Turf Management, Instructional/Academy, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Financial and Administrative Operations. The Management program provides a complete solution or it can be customized and priced to offer our clients the best value of options they require to successfully manage their golf facilities. The management program is generally fee based and is priced according to the particular services required by the facility. The program includes regular site visits, reporting and established meetings with our executive team.

General Manager/Head Professional Solution

Our general manager/head professional solution provides an immediate solution to resolve sudden management changes. As part of the solution Spirit will essentially step in with a PGA Professional who will take over day-to-day management. The solution allows for a quick and seamless transition for the owner or municipality who runs into a situation that requires an immediate change in personnel. As part of the solution our Spirit team will also be engaged in supporting the overall facility needs and provide the ownership with an analysis for immediate and long term needs.

Partnership programs

Our partnership program designed for an owner who desires full facility management and is looking to lease or develop a profit sharing program without the worries of the day to day operations. This program handles every aspect of the facility management with no consistent involvement from ownership.

Outline of Club Services

  • Vision Statement – Review
  • Mission – Review
  • Key Performance Indicators – analysis
  • Long Range Planning – Create strategy moving forward
    S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Industry averages
  • Pricing Model – Review and advise
  • Forecasting/Budgeting –
  • Management Team – review and make recommendations
  • Operations – Policy and Procedures – Review and update
    Food & Beverage
    Human Resources

Operating Needs Analysis

  • Programs – develop strategy for growth.
    Green fees/carts
    – Resident
    Loyalty programs
    – Non-Resident
    Loyalty programs
    League play
    Social Events
    Golf Academy Events
  • Event Planning
    Corporate golf events
    Fundraisers golf events
    Banquets & Social Events
  • Marketing and Promotions
    Create better traction in the market
    Take advantage of promotional opportunities
    Position (find the hook)
    Branding and advertising
  • Financial Oversight
    Operating Expenses
    Managing KPI
    Budgeting and Long Range Planning
    Daily, Weekly, and Monthly report and oversight
  • Facility Oversight
    Scheduled site visits
    Tee sheet management
    Clubhouse activities
    Observe, evaluate & respond
    Customer feedback, surveys
    Course and conditions
  • Staffing Oversight
    Customer service training
    Soaring service
    Team building
    Policies and procedures
    Cash controls
    Human resource issues
  • Risk Management
    Safety procedures
    Recognizing intoxication
    Equipment, OSHA,
    Insurance reporting
    Accident prevention
    Agency regulations, ie. Board of health, DEP, etc.
  • Committee Communication
    Availability for regular communication
    Quick response times
    Direct line to ownership of company
    Facilitate regular scheduled meetings